This page is owned and run by Advocate Johann Visser who is a member of the NATIONAL BAR COUNCIL OF SOUTH AFRICA. He has a legal practise in Mossel Bay.

The purpose of this web site is (1) to make available criminal pleadings and process especially to trainee legal proffessionals (2) to publish summaries of reported criminal cases. These summaries are being compiled by Adv Matthew Klein.



9 thoughts on “ABOUT”

  1. Thank you for taking the time to make this website available. I can only imagine the time and effort that must go into it. I find it immensely helpful.

    Kind regards
    Adv MPL Marion
    PMB Society of Advocates

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  2. Adv Visser,
    Sekoe case was mentioned many times during S v Pistorius in North Gauteng HC and in SCA.In Seoke the trial court’s attitude was totally different and as a result Mr Sekoe was not found guilty not even one mentioned Dolus eventualis,but the State in Pistorius was not happy with the vedict of the court aquo, they appealed and successfully pushed for Dolus eventualis.Both guys Sekoe and Pistorius reached for their guns both shot dead who ever was coming and was in the toilet.To my understanding there was Dolus eventualis on both cases but in Sekoe the attitude of the court was different.Why was that Sir or is there any difference with the facts of the cases?

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  3. Adv Visser
    I just want to applaud bona fide to the work done to this site. I find it being so helpful not only to the practising officials of the court but also to the law students.
    The lingua used is understandable.

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    1. Hi Atamelang
      I’m glad you find the site helpful as a student. As you’ll see from one of my previous posts I’m busy uploading the missing documents. If there is anything you need just let me know and I’ll provide you with it.

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